Equipe Media

Equipe Media is a media activist group in the occupied Western Sahara. Since they started their group they have, in danger of their lives, documented human rights abuses with hidden cameras from hideaways such as roofs and walls. The project supported by Björkåfrihet focus on advocacy work and strengthening of the group’s capacity.

In the end of February 2020 the documentary 3 stolen cameras had premier on internet, after having toured different film festivals and won several prizes around the world. The film is produced by Equipe Media. The material that the film is based on is filmed with hidden cameras in occupied Western Sahara, an area where no journalists are allowed by the occupation force Morocco. The film is unique, since it breaks the media blockade of one of the world’s most dangerous country for journalists.

When showcasing the film at different film festivals, Morocco has created international diplomatic controversies. For instance, they put such a pressure that the film was censored from the planned world premiere at a film festival in Beirut in Lebanon. After having won the prize for best international documentary at a film festival in Kurdish Iraq, the Moroccan ministry of foreign affairs gave the Iraqi ambassador a formal protest. Also in Colombia the film won prize for best international documentary, causing headlines about betrayal of Colombia in Moroccan media.

The film is a co-production with the Swedish film collective RåFILM and Björkåfrihet has facilitated the making of the film.