Our vision

With courage and independence we work to fight need and its causes. Need and its causes are results of political decisions, not results of any laws of nature. We can therefore change it.

We believe in fighting against the politics that creates injustices, poverty, war and environmental degradation.

We believe in joining together and organising ourselves for a political practice assuming from equality, solidarity and all people’s right to a life in safety, no matter where in the world you happen to come from.

We strive to be contemporary a precursor. We push boundaries and new ways of thinking.

We work for radical economic and political equality and environmental sustainability.

We are a solidarity organisation and not a charity organisation.

What others make better than us, we do not need to do, but we can support it.

We believe in supporting freedom fighters and activists that themselves formulate how the oppression they live under should be fought.

Our core is to generate economic surplus in order to finance activist’s solidarity work, through collecting and sale of second hand goods.

We extend the life span of goods and question actively the consumption norm. We know that that is crucial if our planet should continue to be habitable.

We contribute to a just, sustainable conversion to a sustainable development in a unique way in our part of the world.