Welcome as a member!

With around 150 employees and a yearly revenue of around 100 million SEK we are an organisation that counts. We have worked with second hand and solidarity since 1965 and is today one of the main second hand actors in Sweden. The most important role of the members is that they steer the organisation. The highest decision making body is the annual meeting where members decide on important strategic issues. At the annual meeting the board, nomination committee and auditors are elected. All members can be chosen to these positions.

Björkåfrihet is a political organisation, and our members are active in different issues, such as against the occupations of Palestine and Western Sahara, environment, climate and asylum rights.

We have a membership pot where members can apply for money for smaller projects. It can for example be about arranging an event, a campaign or advocacy work in line with Björkåfrihet’s values and goals. We encourage members to go together to carry our projets and you yourselves are responsible for application, implementation and reporting, with the helt of our staff. Send an e-mail to info@bjorkafrihet.se for more information.

Membership fee
We have a solidarity fee. Ordinary membership fee is 200 SEK per year. Those who need, can however choose to pay from 50 SEK per year. You are also welcome to pay a solidaity fee of 500 SEK per year if you have the possibility. You choose yourself the fee and the amount will not be shown in the members register or anywhere else.


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