Al Awda Health and Community Association

The organisation Al Awda Health and Community Association (AWDA) runs a hospital and several health clinics around Gaza.

In Gaza 1,8 million people live in a small area and it is one of the most denstly populated areas in the world. Since 2007 Gaza is under blockade by Israel and Egypt and as a consequence the UN has stated that there is a longterm humanitarian crisis in the area. Access to health care is limited and one of the actors working with the issue is AWDA. Since 1985 they have provided health care and runs both Al-Awda hospital and several smaller health clinics. Today they are one of the most important care providers in the area.

Björkåfrihet supports a project aiming at increasing access to obstetric and gynecological service.

Earlier we have supported the hospital with ultrasound devices. We have also financed a project aiming at securing electricity access at clinics by installing solar cells.